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Our monitors are engineered for durability and ease of integration,
reducing downtime and operational inefficiencies.

Industry-Exclusive Flawless Touch Sensing Monitors

Offering a slim footprint, chemically strengthened PCAP glass, and ultra-high bright LCDs.

Commercial Grade Monitors
Superior Picture Quality

Superior 澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 Quality

Chemically strengthened glass improves clarity and quality.

Innovative Seamless Designs

Goldfinger's patent-pending back cover offers manufacturers and OEMs seamless integration into their products.

Thoughtful Desgin

Patent-Pending Back Cover

Touch screen monitors with patent-pending features designed
for standardization throughout the entire product line.

Patent-Pending Back Cover
Chemically Strengthened Glass

Strengthened Glass

Improves image clarity & quality


Rotating Back Cover

Rotating Back Cover*

Allows easy movement for video and touch I/O cables

*Patent Pending

Tri-Cut Design


Increases strength & airflow

*Patent Pending

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Our monitors are designed for durability and longevity. The best fit for any industry.


We serve the amusement and arcade industry customizing screens for the latest games. With bolder and brighter colors with sharp contrast, we bring the entertainment to life.

Digital Signage

We provide a wide selection of digital signage solutions including industry leading touch screen technology to support your digital signage needs. We can tailor product to your specific needs.


We are an industry leader in gaming displays used in casinos and machines throughout the U.S. Our display performance is unparalleled and will provide you with solutions that you can count on. We work with our customers to build exactly what they need.


Our touch screens are customized for your kiosk needs. Create a better experience for your customers and the best touch screen technology in the business.


Our touch screen display solutions will bring your message to audiences in various applications. Interactive technology can help create a more personalized experience and capture your customers attention.


Add a touch screen monitor to your vending equipment for a more customized experience. Our displays are durable while offering extremely sensitive touch controls. Our experienced engineers can customize displays for your needs.

“Reliable monitors & availability are a priority for our business so that we can serve our end users with the best in technology. Goldfinger delivers on this and their PCAP touch screens allow us to meet and exceed the demand in the marketplace,” said Interlogic.
“Our self-service kiosks are used in a variety of industries and applications, so quality monitors are an important part of creating a seamless customer experience. We have been extremely pleased with the durability of Goldfinger monitors,” said Kiosk Innovations
“Goldfinger LCD monitors and industrial touch screen solutions are best in class. Their rugged LCD displays deliver the highest level of quality and reliable performance both indoors and out.” said The-Venders.