Goldfinger Monitors Gives Back to Local Community

The pandemic has had an impact on manufacturing all over the world and companies have had to make strategic changes to best adapt to ever-changing circumstances. Since its inception, Goldfinger has been a company that can make adjustments to best suit its customers. The company recently shifted production of its monitors to Vietnam where it has been received with open arms.

With a focus on safety and health precautions, Goldfinger is one of the few companies that has been able to continue its production process as another lockdown affects the country. Locals have been hit hard recently with grocery stores and shops being forced to close. Goldfinger has stepped up to support the community with food donations. To view the videos check out this link.

“We view our factories as an extension of the company and true partners in our production process,’ said Daniel Hartmann – CEO of Goldfinger Monitors. “I’ve personally overseen the production at our Vietnam factory and have seen first-hand some of the issues facing the local community. I knew it was important to give back because we can help.”

The Goldfinger team has been able to support over 700 households with:

    • 10 tons of rice
    • 8 tons of vegetables
    • 1,500 canned food
    • 4,000 eggs
    • 500 boxes of milk for babies and elders