How Touch Screen Technology Can Transform the World of Retail

For most of the 20th century, humans used buttons and dials to interact with just about every piece of machinery they owned. From phones to radios to home appliances, buttons and dials were king.

However, things have begun to change over the last ten years or so. Humans can make a phone call with a touch of their finger, change the radio station in the car without turning a dial, and turn on their oven or washing machine with nothing more than the power of their index finger. The difference, of course, is the evolution of technology.

Given that the use of touch screens has so greatly transformed how we live our lives in our homes, our cars, and even at work, it is perhaps a little strange that many small and large retailers still rely on older technology. After all, vending machines and payment kiosks throughout the world still operate by pushing buttons to submit your order.

Improving Ease-of-use With Touch Screen Technology

For a retailer, installing touch screen technology into their store isn't just about keeping up with the latest technology. It is also about improving the customer experience - and encouraging them to come back again another day. The first way that touch screen kiosks, vending machines, and other systems can improve the customer experience is by making machines easier to use.

Touch screens allow for a more immersive and self-directed experience, whether to look at the menu and pay or look for a store in a directory. Touch screens can bring kiosks to life and allow businesses to focus a message, make them more efficient, and in some cases spend time on more important parts of the customer experience.

Driving Revenue With Touch Screen Technology

When retailers invest in customer-facing touch screen technology, they soon realize that their new systems quickly begin to pay for themselves. They do this by assisting with a company's sales and marketing strategies in a way that older technology cannot compete with.

If a customer walks into a coffee shop that has its entire menu written on a chalkboard behind the counter, they are likely to quickly scan the menu to find their favorite drink, order it, and walk out of the store. However, if that company was using bright, vibrant, touch screen menu boards, the customer is likely to spend more time studying their options - and even notice that they can add a donut to their coffee for just $1 more.

Since touch screen menus can be customized to show just about any message that a business might want to display to its customers, they can be used to increase the average value of each ticket that comes through the door.

Goldfinger Monitors

If you are interested in increasing your company's revenues or improving your customer's satisfaction levels by installing touch screen technology in your retail establishment, Goldfinger Monitors can help. Whether you need digital kiosks, vending machines, menu boards, or something a little different - our team can create the perfect solution for you. To learn more about our products, contact us today.