Setting the Gold Standard for Commercial Touch Screen Solutions

More than just a monitor, Goldfinger adapts to technological advancements to ensure our products are relevant and user-friendly.

Our Story

In 2010, Daniel Hartmann uncovered the need for a better commercialgrade monitor, and in 2012 Goldfinger Inc introduced its first product line. With drive and ingenuity, Daniel and his team have led Goldfinger to become the leading commercial monitor brand, offering the broadest portfolio of PCAP touch screen solutions in the industry.


Due to increasing demand, Goldfinger needed a way to warehouse and distribute their products. Goldfinger realized the importance of product integrity and customer service, thus a partnership with Betson Enterprises is created.

Goldfinger 2018


Goldfinger monitors continue to grow their portfolio and geographical reach, surpassing one million monitors in the field.

Goldfinger 2020


As Covid 19 introduced supply chain and production issues, Goldfinger distributed mask to front line workers. At this time, Goldfinger decided to formulate a plan to bring all engineering and procurement to John’s Island, SC.

Goldfinger 2021


Goldfinger monitors doubles their workforce, bringing procurement as well as all electrical, software, firmware, and mechanical engineering to John’s Island, SC..

Goldfinger 2022


Goldfinger will be introducing a new line of PCAP monitors. Goldfinger’s multi-touch PCAP monitors feature superior image quality and industry-exclusive flawless touch sensing. They are manufactured to withstand the most demanding conditions, including heavy gloves, rain, vibration, dirt, and extreme temperatures.

Mission Statement

To create the optimal interactive customer experience, providing value through high-quality, innovative touch screens and components.

U.S.-Based Team Members

Our US-based customer support can quickly diagnose and repair, reducing downtime

Direct Access To Engineers

U.S.-based engineering team allows us to adapt to our customer's needs and create a constant feedback loop. Allows for foresight into emerging technology trends.

U.S.-Based Procurement

We are building strong, positive relationships with USA-represented vendors for more effective onboarding, collaboration, and delivery execution. We stay on top of industry trends and source quality components.

Strong Partnerships

Our goal is to make you as successful as possible, and we will be with you every step of the way.