RE: End of Life Notification – Goldfinger IR Touch Screens

Dear Customer,

This letter is to inform you that Goldfinger will no longer manufacture the IR touch surface monitors after 03/31/2023. Part numbers beginning with 2XXXXX will enter the End of Life (EOL) phase. The product will be replaced with the PCAP (projective capacitive) touch technology that offers multi-touch functionality. The new product has many design changes to improve the user and customer experience, which were derived from the customer feedback. Notably, the physical design of the monitor has been streamlined for a sleeker appearance, as such, the outer dimensions have reduced slightly, so please contact your local sales representative to discuss options for field upgrades or replacement.

Orders and Pricing: Orders for IR touch surface monitors will be accepted until September 30th, 2023 or until available stock has been depleted. Starting on October 01, 2023, any order containing IR part numbers will be converted to PCAP units as the price will remain the same between the two monitor types. The Part numbers will remain the same except for the first digit of the part number, 2XXXXX (IR) and 4XXXXX (PCAP). PCAP touch monitors will become available for order through the first half of 2023, please consult your local sales representative to determine when specific monitor sizes will be commercially available to purchase.

FW/SW Support: Comprehensive after sales support for IR touch monitors will be provided until Oct. 01, 2026. Throughout this Three (3) year EOL period the following support will be provided:

  • Touch driver support for certain versions of Windows and Linux
    • Please contact technical support for additional details
  • Requests for new product features on the IR platform will not be supported.

Hardware Support: We will continue to provide the Goldfinger standard Three (3) year warranty on the IR product line. Warranty replacement parts will be provided until July 01, 2026 or until they are no longer available from suppliers (whichever comes first).

Please direct any questions regarding the transition to the new products to your local Betson sales representative.

We appreciate your continued support and business. Thank you for choosing Goldfinger for your touchscreen needs.

Daniel Hartmann
Goldfinger Inc.